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  • MaxMedical Shield
    MaxMedical Shield
    Secure your future with guaranteed medical coverage

MaxMedical Shield is designed to address your needs (including your dependants) who are already covered by employer-provided group medical policies.  It allows you to have a private medical insurance coverage in place prior to the cessation of your employment (and, consequently, your employer-provided group medical insurance policy coverage).

Although inactive or ‘dormant in its initial phase’, you will be considered covered under Expat Prime and will not be subject to a reassessment or further underwriting when you choose to activate it outside UAE due to a change or transfer of residence.

You may cancel MaxMedical Shield contract and transfer to Expat Prime active cover during the annual contract period. The premium of MaxMedical Shield will be lower than that payable for Expat Prime active cover. However, once Expat Prime cover is activated, the appropriate full premium for Expat Prime shall be charged.

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How does it work?

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What is medical underwriting? - It is the evaluation of the health information based on the medical declaration of an applicant to determine the individual risk which will be the basis of the premium for insurance cover.

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Eligibility Criteria

(a) Evidence of an existing and active group medical health insurance cover 

(b) Evidence of an existing and active medical health insurance cover of the insured person being compliant with the health insurance regulations of the United Arab Emirates

(c) Eligibility for and admission to a standard MaxMedical UAE policy

(d) Authorisation to Dubai Insurance Company to obtain medical health records from your present and previous Insurers and/or from your physician to verify  your health condition at the time of your application.

Cessation of MaxMedical Shield (Transfer to Expat Prime as Active Cover)

MaxMedical Shield may be cancelled and be transferred to Expat Prime active cover upon cessation of your employer-provided health insurance cover due to:

(a) termination of your employment contract or
(b) termination of the group medical insurance policy or
(c) your retirement 

Satisfactory documentary evidence will be required to substantiate the declaration of the cessation of the employer-provided health insurance and to activate full Expat Prime cover.

Upon transfer to Expat Prime active cover, you will be required to fill out another Expat Prime Application Form.

Should the activation of Expat Prime to active cover, following the cessation of MaxMedical Shield, be sought in conjunction with a change or transfer of residence, you will be required to pay the premium applicable for the region to which you have moved. 

Once activated, the Expat Prime cover is required to continue for a 12–month period, which will forthwith be considered the annual period of insurance.

See Expat Prime Product Specification Document

Cessation of MaxMedical Shield (Transfer to Expat Prime as Dormant Cover)

Any cancellation of MaxMedical Shield contract and transfer to Expat Prime on dormant cover will be treated in the same manner described above.

Waiting Periods

Waiting periods applicable to benefits covered under the Expat Prime active cover are not reduced during the dormant phase. These will be calculated during periods when Expat Prime cover is activated and shall be considered on a cumulative basis, when interrupted by dormant phases.

Termination of MaxMedical Shield Contract

If you choose to terminate your MaxMedical Shield contract, no premium refund will be applicable. The same shall be the case if activation of Expat Prime coverage is prohibited by law in your actual country of residence or if the insurance is terminated for any other reason.

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For Individual applications, you are required to complete an Application Form and Confidential Medical and Dental History Forms. It is necessary to declare all relevant information completely and accurately.

We reserve the right to request for further information, if necessary.

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